Sunday, December 14, 2008

our bowling adventure

Ever have a day when you just aren't "getting along" with your kiddo?

Today was one of those days. Max got me up super early and pretty much bossed me around all morning. He changed his mind every two minutes on what he wanted and then got upset I wasn't able to read his mind. I was tired, frustrated and ready for some fun. (I think he was too!)

So we decided to venture out in the cold and take Maxwell bowling. I haven't bowled for years and years, but for some reason I was in the mood. And sure enough, it was great! :)

Bill and I took turns helping Max push the ball down the lane. It was pretty cute. We would count "1, 2, 3...PUSH" and Max would gently push the ball forward.

As much as Max enjoyed watching the ball going down the lane, he was also very intrigued by his bowling shoes.


Ang said...

I love it!

kim said...

I have been a reader and admirer of yours & Max for over almost two years now. I am finally taking the time to let you know. And in my opinion you are an awesome angel and you and Max are so blessed to have each other. I truly enjoy reading about your accomplishments and your positive attitude, not to mention the "fight" in you both. And, not to forget Bill, a gift from God to you both. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Eva Nichole said...

Eva is going in a few weeks for her big brothers birthday party. Glad you got to go out and have fun.
Crystal and Eva

Carolyn said...

What an adventure for you Max. That's something else you can mark off of your "to do list". Glad the three of you had fun.
Carolyn in Wv

Jen said...

Love the bowling shoes, Max!

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Oh, this looks like so much fun, Max! Great idea--we'll have to take Katie, maybe over Christmas break!

Hope Santa brings you lots of fun things for Christmas!

Leslie & Katie

Heather said...

I take the kids to the pool on the days I might crack. The water seems to tame all of our pissy moods!
I love bowling now that it's smoke-free, don't you?

Kristi said...

Ok... the bowling shoes are too much!
Just caught up with all that's been going on... so much! So much GOOD stuff! :-) So happy for you!
I cracked up when I read what you wrote about not getting along with your kids certain days! I SO can relate to that! Just the other day I asked my mom and family friend if it's possible that a 19 month old can be a total a**! They knowingly laughed and said, "Of course!" In my house we call it "stinkery" behavior... So glad to know that you get the typical and appropriate doses of that, too! :-)

Tommy's mommy said...

Oh my goodness Max! How much fun are those bowling shoes? You are such a fashion bug. Much loves to your mom and Bill.

hannah m said...

This is awesome. I am tucking the bowling idea away for the future...when I'm sure there will be days when we will need it! I love this.

Melissa Elsner said...

I need me a Max and Amy fix!