Monday, December 1, 2008

"the maxwell centre"

Our trip to West Virginia definitely had to include a visit to my father's office...also the office to several of Max's fan club members. They were excited to see him and vice versa...definitely!

Mighty Max was also overjoyed with the acoustics in the entryway. He just LOVES screaming when there is an echo...and this place was perfect for lots and lots of loud noises! So funny...and he sure drew a crowd. :)

My dad's office is in The Maxwell Centre, a building that was renovated (aka completely overhauled) by his business and honored with a family name. It is simply gorgeous. Another historical family name "Bennett" is honored next door at Bennett Square, my brother's newly renovated office building. Both are absolutely beautiful, and I love that our family's names add that perfect, finishing touch!

Maxwell Bennett McKinley, aka "Mighty Max," carries on several names from our family. I absolutely adore his name...such strength, legacy, and so absolutely fitting.

I was excited to get a photo of Maxwell and my dad (his "Papa") at The Maxwell Centre...and Max loved feeling the raised letters on the plaque. (He is very, very into letters these days...touching, signing, and attempting to verbalize. Very cute!)

Love my dad's joyful smile in this photo! Such a handsome guy...maybe that is where Max gets his good looks!

Speaking of handsome men, check out these two! Max made sure Bill showed him (and his block) absolutely everything!

Yep, Max has a new trick with his new blocks. (He finally has accepted his new blocks...woo hoo! They are super cool with braille and sign language.) Max sticks the block in his mouth and shows it off to everyone. Quite funny!

Off to our next adventure! :)


Lori said...

What a grand time! Max, you are just more handsome than ever....

your friends--

the Mellos :)

Eva Nichole said...

That is so wonderful, your dad does look so happy in that photo.
Crystal and Eva

Jaye said...

I love his block in his mouth! Smart leaves his hands free for more blocks! :)
Looks like you all had a great time over Thanksgiving! :)

hannah m said...

Max, I love these happy photos and stories about your Thanksgiving trip!

Lisa W. said...

Love all t hese photos - I'm glad you had a nice trip!