Thursday, December 11, 2008

max's cool new book!

We were so excited to come home from speech therapy this afternoon and open our newly arrived box. It's a book all about Max's cute!

Max loves it just as much and immediately got very into it. His block "obsession" is weaning a bit, so I'm glad I compiled this book. Another adorable period in Max's life that I never want to forget.


Eva Nichole said...

That is adorable!! I love those books, I made 3 of them with some of our vaction pictures because I could not scrap the 500 some pictures we took. So I scraped the Disney World photos and made books with the Villiage we stayed at and Sea World, I made a 2nd villiage one to send to the villiage as a thank you gift.
I am glad Max loves his book, he is such a sweetie!!
Crystal and Eva

Katy said...

It's like he's looking at those pictures thinking, "My God, I'm handsome." :)

Jaye said...

Ok so do tell...WHERE do you get these books made? I'd LOVE to do something like that for each of my kids!

ypersico said...

Oh Amy, I selfishly delight in visiting your blog everyday and savoring your magnificent loving journey and Max's amazingness. It brings me such incredibly overflowing joy to witnes your joureny - your willingness to love, celebrate and champion Max, and Max unfolding completely into his unique wholeness. Today though lovely Amy, you've really touched something for me which was previously untouched- thank you so much. The minutes I grasped that this was a book about Max and his block (much sooner than it took me to read all the words) I could barely contain my tears, and as I described what a wonderful thing I was beholding, I burst into tears. All the love, all the knowing, all the vulnerability - it all came flooding back - Keith and his foam 6 and foam 9 from a bath sponge set, and a small plastic giraffe toy - the loves of his early life <3 <3 <3. I've been remembering them each time I see Max with his block(s) - however, seeing the book I gasped aloud - what sheer magic ~! Thank you Amy - for the gift of being you. What light you bring to my life.

Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

That is a great book and Max enjoying it is just priceless. He knows a handsome boy if he sees one! And love the Christmas decoration.