Tuesday, November 18, 2008

mine, mine, mine

Max is truly head over heels in love with this block. He always sleeps with it, but this night he must have been particularly worried someone might take it. How cute is his lil' finger keeping tabs on his precious friend?


Tommy's mommy said...

That is so darn cute. I'm laughing so hard. Just that one lil finger keeping tabs on that block. Keep it up Max!

Katy said...

Why is it that Maxwell always looks so darn cute when you take pictures of him sleeping?? (Whenever someone takes one of me while I'm sleeping..."cute" is never the word used to describe it.) :)

Carolyn said...

Sweet Mighty Max, Always love your pics. And your cute lil fingers I'd love to kiss them.
Carolyn in WV

Eva Nichole said...

LOL! Max you are just so adorable!
Crystal and Eva

Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

How cute is that?! I love the size of those blocks and wonder what Ben would think of them... what kind of blocks are they and where did you find them?

hannah m said...

This is too sweet. Max, I love that you keep tabs on your block even as you sleep!