Monday, June 4, 2007

feeling better just in time...for grandma mary!

As Mommy has told you, I have had a rough few weeks with a respiratory infection. Fortunately I was feeling a little better in time for a special visitor! Grandma Mary was in Seattle for work and traveled up here to see her special lil' guys! :) YAY!

We took her on an adventure by hiking to a local beach, and it was great fun. Ok, I slept in Mommy's backpack for most of the time and didn't love the sand...but all in all, I handled it all pretty well! (We used the backpack again the very next day and sure enough, I fell asleep again!)

Thanks Grandma Mary for your visit, all the snuggles and hugs...and definitely for the cool new truck! We love you! :)

Off we go on our adventure!

Here are my cousins having a great time exploring. Maybe someday I can join them in the mud! :)

Mom woke me up from my nap and encouraged me to play in the wet sand. Hmm....what do you think I thought about that?

But with a few tickles and funny faces, she got me smiling again! :)

Grandma Mary and I had lots of fun together!

And when I got sad (I've been a bit moody lately), we cuddled and all was well.


cathyhumphrey said...

Oh Max, there's nothing like a Grandma, right! They give and take the best hugs!

Eva Nichole said...

SO CUTE!! And I am glad Grandma Mary could come see you.
Crystal and Eva

Ang said...

i bet the cuddle time was the best part of the weekend wasn't it max?

Sarah said...

Hey Max you look soooooo cute with you mommy!!!! I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Hugs and kisses to you both!!!!
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb

ellen charge said...

wow max i love ur pics xxxxxxx

Diane and Alex said...

You are so cute and look how precious you are cuddling with grandma. How cool is that. You are getting so big and just sweeter and sweeter. I love the picture your mommy sent me. I treasure all your pictures. You have a precious mommy, too. So thoughtful and caring.
Diane and Alex

Mama to Hannah/Nate/Tommy and Liam said...

Max has changed so much since I saw him at the scrapbooking fundraiser! He is so big in the pictures. Take care!
-Sandi (and Tommy)

Carolyn said...

Oh Max, you melt my heart. Nothing like the arms of a Grandma wrapped around you. Incredible Amy, thanks for sharing all the pictures.
Love & Prayers,

Mike, Amy & Ben Russo said...

Hmmm, you are giving me ideas! I wonder how Ben would do in one of those cool packs? Max is making it look easy and comfortable.

Mary said...


You fit so well in Grandma's arms. I am sure you can feel her love for you when she has her arms wrapped around you.

I love you!