Sunday, May 27, 2007

who knew this would bring me such joy?

What makes me happiest in this photo of our front yard?

Yep, it's that ball...the fun yellow ball that brings such great joy to Mighty Maxwell. What a beautiful announcement to the world that a BOY lives here...and a boy healthy enough to play outside!!! It's been there for a few days and it makes me smile each and every time I see it.

My boy...he makes me so proud. :)

EDIT: Someone emailed me about the sign on our front window. Yes indeed that is our "encouragement" for all visitors to use Purell upon entering. :)


Yuka said...

Yes Amy, I know the feeling. Messes up any chance for "normal" parenting, doesn't it? We're so overwhelmed with gratitude and delight - everything is a source of joy and pride. It is a wonderful result of having our heart torn out and left at the NICU, our souls laid vulnerable and bare...... we rejoice relentlesly! :o) I LOVE the ball in your front yard :o)

skeybunny said...

Not just any boy...a very MIGHTY boy!


Eva Nichole said...

That is so cute!! I loved seeing toys in the yard it tells people "OH THEY HAVE KIDS!!" Now we are with the inlaws and it doesnt happen here.
Good Max keep up the mess!!

Crystal and Eva

Mark and Jaye said...

What a message that one little ball sends...not only that a BOY lives there...but a boy who is well enough to play outside! That is HUGE!

Anonymous said...

he's a handsome little boy, that's the mighty, mightY, mighTY, migHTY, miGHTY, mIGHTY, MIGHTY Max boy. Love you guys.

Diane and Alex said...

A very special little boy who makes the world a much better place to live. Little Boy - Big Determinations.

Diane and Alex

ellen said...

oh amy max is gorowing up sooooo fast im kinda not happy bout that but i am happy coz hes not as sick as he used to b hugs ellen

Shannon and Carey said...

I forgot to the hostas Amy. Great job.