Wednesday, May 30, 2007

max's new buddy

We had so much fun getting together with our "CHARGE family!" (I will post some photos soon of all the adorable lil' ones!) It was such a wonderful day! I really don't know what I would do without the love and support from these incredible families...truly amazing!

And Mr. Max made a fun new buddy...Jeremy (Evan's daddy)! They share an interest in cars, blocks and signing! Evan sure is blessed to have such a wonderful daddy! Thanks Jeremy for being so terrific with Max. It was fun to watch the two of you together! :)

Hey Jeremy, watch how I can put two legos together. Cool huh?

How fun is this? All three of us "big guys" together! :)

Here I'll share my treat with you.

Whoa, that car was fast! You are good at this Jeremy! :)


Eva Nichole said...

That is so sweet how Jeremy was with Max, he is a super guy and we really need to find somekind of superdad contest to sent his name into and his story. Not that my kids dad and other dad are not great but Jeremy dost things a lot of dads will not do, be a stay at home dad and then go to all the appointments he goes to, he's amazing!!!!
Crystal and Eva
PS I hope you got our gift in the mail, Evan got his and Eva just got hers yesterday!

skeybunny said...

Hi Max,

I hope you are feeling better soon. I'll share my dad with you anytime (we sure do look like big kids now!). Maybe by next year we can all play cars and blocks together.


Jeremy S. said...

Evan and I had a great time playing with max and all the other kids. We are really blessed to be a part of this group. Max, Evan and I have lots off neat toy cars if you ever want ot visit.

Thanks Amy.

Carolyn said...

Max, your "new Buddy" is super. Amy I love all the pictures. Big guys and little guys with their CARS.
Love & Prayers,
Carolyn in WV

ellen charge said...

u r a sweetie

Christy said...

Those pictures are just precious! What a fantastic guy! Love the pictures of the three guys just hanging out and having fun!