Friday, May 4, 2007

busy, busy, busy

Thank you so much everyone for your concern. The emails and calls have been very appreciated, and I apologize for not getting back to everyone personally.

Nothing "new" is wrong...quite honestly, we just have been incredibly busy, overwhelmed, tired.

The great news is that Maxwell is finally starting to feel better. Yay! :) We did have to resort to Prednisone earlier this week (which makes him completely bonkers) and brought him back to the doctor again yesterday. His lungs are sounding much better and his congestion is lessening. A few days ago, there was some serious concern because his O2 needs were way, way, way up there. Higher than the O2 tank would even go. Sure enough his narrow (choanal stenosis) nasal passages were blocked with some serious "plugs." Not an easy night...but luckily I was able to solve that problem without a hospital admittance. I was very close to bringing him to the ER that night.

Beyond our typical busy schedule of therapy appointments and doctor visits, I have been running around (mentally, physically, emotionally) trying to come up with ways to make ends meet. The thought of losing our home (which quite frankly is a real possibility at this point) is very scary and frustrating. Not quite sure how we are going to do this, but I am determined to find a way and overcome this financial disaster caused by the divorce order.

Today was also the official filing day of our appeal. Lots and lots of money and work going into that...hopefully it is worth it. Overturning a case is extremely difficult, but there were some very obvious errors in this case. So we are trying to remain hopeful. I just cannot accept that the court system is this flawed.

That's about it. Oh and yes...very important update...the master of beautiful curls got his hair cut big time today. And let me tell you, he is one incredibly handsome, grown up lil' man. Wow. I'll try and get a photo tomorrow. :)

* Last but not least...what a busy week for our CHARGE gang! Congrats Caleb on your successful journey to Duke. Sounds like you and Mommy have been very busy with all your tests. Maya, we look forward to learning more about post surgery recovery. And way to go Eva on handling all those EEG wires!


Ang said...

much love to you and maxwell. thank you so much for the card. It brightened my day..I must take a picture of my maxwell shrine. I have every card sent placed on my bookshelf in a special spot. Love you both.

RD5202 said...

Best of luck to you on the appeal. It makes me sad that the justice system is doing this to you and clearly in error. Great to hear that Max has shown improvement.

Continued prayers for both of you.

Eva Nichole said...

I know how it feels to lose a house because of money problems and I hope you don't have to go threw that like we did. I am so glad Max is doing better and that we heard an update, I was alittle worried and I hope you got my reply on the song you asked about.
My thoughts and prayers will be with you as always.
Crystal and Eva

godseyfive said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! I'm literally jumping up and down over here! I am so glad to hear such great news (minus the financial aspect). I was beginning to worry what your next update would say when you did not post in some time. I thought for sure you were admitted in a hospital somewhere. I am elated to hear that Max has bounced back. But he always does--why should I even entertain the thought of anything else! Thanks for the update. And the offer that someone posted a few weeks earlier is still on the table. You just let us know how we can help. It is ABSURD to lose your house because of some crummy court ruling! You and Max both deserve so much better than this! On a lighter note...Looking forward to seeing those pics of Max's haircut. I can't imagine him without those curls!

Linday Godsey

Moriah said...

I'm sooo glad to see you are back! Yeah! that Mr. Max is feeling so much better! Prednisone always works wonders for Alex too, those side effects are no fun though.

I really really wish that I could do something to help with the other situation. I hate to ask but could the ex have used his political influence to get it to go his ay? It just seems impossible that any judge does not see the care that Max requires. I'm just so mad about this!

Pearl said...

Oh, Amy, I am SOOOO relieved to hear you guys are hangin' in there, despite all the madness!!! I've been worried sick (bad pun intended). Please, please, please let all of your loyal readers know what we can do to help you guys out. There are a lot of people out here pulling for you two. If we each contribute something, anything, it could really add up. A trust maybe? Or some sort of nonprofit? Gosh, I don't know, but it seems like there's got to be a way. The bad people can't win ALL the time! I just don't believe the world really works that way, despite what current circumstances seem to indicate. Give it some thought. It would make us all feel good to know we were doing something useful to help you and Max.

RD5202 said...

As a West Virginian and a resident of Kanawha County, I would like to know the name of the judge who made this lousy decision. You and Max do not deserve this. You are a wonderful mother.

Keep good thoughts!

Mark and Jaye said...

So relieved to hear that you and Max are both doing well....while I never think Max will do anything but astound us..but I also know that he is fragile when I see you don't post for a few days, can't help but worry!
I too am SOOO angry at the court system that did this to you and Max...UGH UGH's because of things like this that I am getting my law degree.....
Can't wait to see pics of Max and his new 'do...although if he looks too grown up it might be sad! :)

ellen said...

max and amy i get scared when u dotn post love an hugs

Shannon and Carey said...

Amy and Max,
Just thinking of you guys today. You go girl! Whatever you have to do to appeal. I will pray for relief on thoughts of you losing your home. Lets pray away these thought. Give them to HIM! Be looking for your little surprise in the mail this week!
Love you guys, (kisses to Max!)
Shannon and Family in Austin

Sarah said...

I am so glad to hear you both are okay!!! I was soooo nervous when we hadn't seen a new post in a few days. I hope Max's sats continue to get better. I concur with everyone else, if there is something we can do so you don't lose your house I am all ears.
God Bless,
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb

Lara said...

Great news that Max is feeling better! I think a lot of your readers worry that something bad has happened when days go by without an update. It's amazing that you are able to update as often as you are given how busy your days (and nights!)must be!

Good luck with the appeal. I was stunned at the results of the case. Disgusting how the court can rule in favor of him instead of you. It doesn't make any sense!

Mike, Amy & Ben Russo said...

I'm hoping for the best with the appeal. And I can't wait to see pictures of Max and his new haircut.