Thursday, April 19, 2007

not too sure about surgery

Maxwell just finished off his second 10 day round of heavy antiobiotics for a sinus infection. And his congestion is already back. Hmm...that's just not good.

Even though surgery is a week away (from today), I have a feeling this is close enough to the date that they are going to cancel. His anethesiologist was very clear last week when we met with him...."If he is even less than 100%, we are not taking him. Too high of risk." Obviously I agree.

From the CHARGE manual:

"Patients with CHARGE have a high postoperative mortality. The reason for this are postulated as hidden structural abnormalities of the larynx and/or pharynx with associated motor incoordination. This results in difficulty in intubation and problems after extubation."


Ang said...

oh gosh..keep us updated. sending up prayers

ellen said...

surgery for wat

Carolyn said...

Sending love and prayers.

Miss N Cedie said...

Which surgery was coming up?

skeybunny said...

We've been there too recently. It's not worth the risk.


DonnaTownsend16 said...

Anything that keeps precious Max safe--do what you have to Amy. Hope Max feels better soon!

Sarah said...

We hope you are feeling better soon. We didn't know he was getting ready for surgery?!?!?! What is he having done? Hugs and kisses from Pittsburgh Children's Hospital.
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb

Christy said...

Prayers being sent your way, Amy! I've been without Internet access (due to a recent move) and just caught up on the crummy week you had! I'm so sorry!

Crystal and Eva said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Crystal and Eva