Thursday, March 22, 2007

pickles are yummy yummy yummy

I sure love pickles, and Mommy sure loves these photos! (She said the first two especially melt her heart.)

My new "thing" is playing/sucking/holding vegetables...and pickles are my favorite. Mom even got a new flavor (extra intense) today, and I loved that one too.

My feeding team thinks this is great therapy for me since many children with feeding issues need strong flavors to "wake up" their mouth. Because some of my cranial nerves are not functioning (facial palsy, swallowing, etc.), it is possible I have little to no taste or smell. Who knows? We are hoping that isn't the case since I do show a preference for some baby foods over others...and I definitely enjoy lollipops. Today Mom got me sour worms...and those sure were fun too. For now we will just keep experimenting with more and more flavors. (I don't actually "eat" any of these items yet...but they are sure fun to play with! I'm still being stubborn with oral feedings.)

Pretty darn cute, right? I know...but wait until you see me with my pickle! :)

Seriously, could I be any sweeter?

More pickles Mommy...more, more.

Look Ma, no hands!

Oh wait, I need my hands to hold onto my car!


Leigh said...

I don't know which face of yours I love better....the kissy face or the pickle face....hmmmmm.

Leigh Rumsey

skeybunny said...


Just when I think you can't get any cuter, you find something to do that just melts my heart. I LOVE the pickle face!

Sarah, Jeremy, and Evan

Ang said...

Ok..Momma got me again with the pictures..So maxwell have you considered being a Male Model? You could be a car spokesman, or model your cars for us..Maybe model pickles for us?

ellen said...

hmmmmmm now keep going on that

WendyLou's Place said...

max you are just to cute when lexie was your age she loved Lemons i couldn't keep them away from her... have mom give u a kiss for me ok love

Suzanne Holman said...

Another pickle lover in the family!
love from grammy

Crystal and Eva said...

Super cute as always Mr. Max!! Eva doesnt like to put stuff in her mouth unless its baby food. Keep up the great work!!

Crystal and Eva

Mark and Jaye said...

How awesome that he will just let something sit in his mouth! Big accomplishment! YAY max!

carolyn said...

Oh Mighty Max, love the pickle pictures. You sure know how to touch my heart.
Love & Prayers,

Mike, Amy & Ben Russo said...

Love it, love it, love it! You should send this picture to the pickle company. Tell them you have a new face for their company. I hope you framed these! I love the fact that the pickle matches him outfit. Did you plan that because it will make the perfect scrapbooking page?

Mary said...

Sweet Maxwell,

If your picture were on a pickle jar, it would be a hit! Thank Mommy for sharing her beautiful little man with us.

Love you,
"Auntie" Mary

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness, what a lucky boy to have a mom that buys amazing pickles. Too sweet.