Wednesday, March 21, 2007

much better view!

How cool is this?

I finally get to face forward in the car...woo hoo! Mom made sure to get approval from my PCP and PT and now we are good to go.

We are both loving it! :)

WOW, now this is an even better view!

But this is just for play. Mom is trying to teach me the sign for "car" and thought if I used the wheel, it might make better sense to me. (Pretending to use the wheel is the "car" sign.)

Hmm...this wheel could be great fun! Maybe someday?


hollyo said...

Maxwell looks like a total natural behind that wheel! So cute.

Ang said...

Alrighty Maxwell!!! Yahooo!!!!!

I love the pictures..It looks like your contemplating honking mommy's horn.

Crystal and Eva said...

Cute cute cute as always!!!

Crystal and Eva

PS did you get anything in the mail from us??? I worry sometimes that things don't get to where they need to be... ;)

Mary said...


You look go grown up! Do you have a new haircut?

carolyn said...

Woo Hoo Maxwell !! I'm sure you are going to get it all figured out in no time.

Love the pictures.
Love & Prayers,

Miss N Cedie said...

What a big boy you are! Why don't yall drive down here to Memphis to see us :-)

Love, Jennifer

ellen said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh how cute now id love to b in that car with u